TwistNTurn Album Release: Saturday, November 3

TwistNTurn Album Release: Saturday, November 3

When: Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 12 PM – 10 PM
Where: 1808 Reed Ave, San Diego, California 92107
Tickets: Presale Tickets are only $5 | Tickets are $10 at the door

Join The Dread Pirate and his loyal crew of performers from around the country to debut his new album TwistNTurn
Every ticket comes with a free album download plus more giveaways inside
Show starts at noon. Theres a pool, billiard table and more!
No Tweakers
Be Respectful

Free gift to first 25 guests courtesy of Litwoodz

Free cotton candy upon entry courtesy of CULTEVATD Confections

Lo The Lady Barber will be doing live haircuts on-site, come get lined up!

Performances by:
The Dread Pirate
Pope Adrian Bless [Indiana]
Joey Wild
Willy4m [Colorado]
Hoodie [Vegas]
Fade Green
Markos Tegui
Tall Can
Stew Optix
Nick Gray
Payroll [Kansas City]
Nightbloom Music [Hawaii]
KoolBeef Productions

DJ Selektah Reefa and DJ Lucifer on the 1s & 2s

Brought to you by Cult Gang
Media: Dread Pirate Photography
Special Thanks to Litwoodz, SkilLevelsCULTEVATD ConfectionsAlmari BeatsLo The Lady Barber

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