Delta, out Valentine’s Day

Delta, out Valentine’s Day

Ahh, Delta.

What can i fucking say about this album?

For the past sixerseven months, this album was my baby. every single day i spent countless hours working on it. I don’t think i stopped perfecting it until the week it had to be sent to stores. Twelve tracks that are all near and dear to my heart, tracks that resonate with my mind, body and soul. Everything on this album comes from a very real, visceral, uncomfortable part of my mind.

Honestly, I never thought I would make it this far. The whole time working on this album, I felt like I was battling my own writer’s block, creative limitations, failing technology, and lack of motivation. It felt like an uphill fight, with every odd against me. I guess I’m here, now, though. And I am so incredibly proud of myself.

To the lovely people that helped me with this album, THANK YOU. Thank you to Kazz, Luke, Dan, Swami and everybody else that had a hand in making this bad boy. I would never have been able to do it myself (you know how I like to rush shit) and make it as perfect as it is.

Through twenty or so tracklist drafts, countless scrapped ideas and lots (and lots and lots and lots) of technical difficulties, the album is finally here, in all its glory. I couldn’t be happier with the final product.

So, look out for DELTA, out Valentine’s Day on Cult Gang Records. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.


Jaden William Figolah, a.k.a. Willy4m.

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